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otherwise mioe is kind of dead...

mastering: www.martinmccready.com


released May 14, 2012



all rights reserved


mioe Berlin, Germany

this is not about the next big hit or thing! addendum appendixes should be enough! we did not think of anything ourselves! everything has been thought & made before! nobody believes in anything new! small forms! ephemeral forms! off we go! pastiche! fanfares!

anne loeffler (d)
andré schroeder (b)
tom mueller (g, v)

drawings: rebecca schoeler
text: pascal dasinger
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Track Name: i met a ghost on the street, it looked a lot like you
you, you were where i was, but you, you were far gone

and you wouldn't even call once i was gone
and there was nothing, nothing i could retrieve
Track Name: i know it's hard to try harder, but at least you could have...
this time, this place, these people
they're looking at you strangely
like you weren't responding
you're a mess at trying to articulate
you're a mess at trying to articulate

this time, this place, these people
they're looking at you strangely
like you weren't responding
you're utterly incapable of hearing them
you're utterly incapable of hearing just
one word

this time, this place, these people
they're looking at you strangely
like you weren't responding
there was that time when i needed you
there was that time when i needed you
the most

you said:
"there was a time, when you weren't where i needed you.
there was a place and you weren't there, when i needed you.
there were people and they were there, when i needed you.

and even though you could have been anywhere i have,
i would have said: 'it just feels like everyone has fled'

in the end it is not about what you could have done,
but who has been the more persistent one"
Track Name: i went out in the fields & ran a marathon. after a while, i noticed i didn't move one inch
i'm running against the wall
where there's no time

i cannot feel my head as if you've ripped it off back then
when you were desperate for sth

now i'm lying on my back
and i've got no time

this wall creates a gloom that i would want to leave behind
it is nothing but the projection of the turning of your head that day

i know i can't be sure if it's really gone or if you're fooling me
by tapping me without a sound
you leaving traces, it is irreparable - go go go go go go go go go go

this is the wall
Track Name: i went to bed two weeks later, i expected not to be awoken, i had a shower at 6 o' clock, i knew the window was open & that it was cold & that i could not go back
how do you suppose, we'll get on, once we're done?
--------------------------------, once you're done?
--------------------------------, once i'm done?
--------------------------------, once it's done?

you don't know what i thought, when i said goodbye.
and it's easier for you to believe that i did say goodbye.
though i really didn't, i didn't do it, i didn't say goodbye.
anything that i've tried, it's not gonna work, that's what i found out.
and though you could talk me into anything, i'm not gonna do this.
we've tried the longest time and now we can do nothing but sleep!

i feel so dead and tired upon this pile of history

and i don't know how we'll get on after i'm gone.
---------------- how we'll get on after this is done, because i'm gone...
Track Name: i sold all my stuff, the room was empty, it pinched like before
1,2,3,4 i'm leaving no trace of my ship
for you to see my anyway, for you to be
able to reach me any way

i swear to you, it doesn't matter

you left without telling me, what this will mean for me

and i'm not talking about the facts, i'm talking figuratively

even after i'd taken off my dancing shoes, it pinched like before
Track Name: i know what they've told us & i know it's not true
Everytime we look at pictures of him in a shirt you tell me that I look exactly like him. "His looks, his figure, his suits resemble those of John F. Kennedy or James Dean, overly handsome. I never knew an awful lot about him, actually I still don't know a thing about him. He has never been terribly open or talkative. He just does things, cracks a joke once in a while, eats, watches Tv, walks his dog, reads his newspaper. For as long as I can think, I have never seen him sad. I have seen him on edge indeed,but that's about it. Now that I think about it, within this being on edge there always lay a heartbreaking kind of sadness, a blank despair, he didn't seem to understand himself. It must have had to do with all the things nobody knew about him. But overall he retained an overwhelming calm, not because he was naturally calm, he couldn't help it." I tell you and you look at me and say: "You talk about him as if he were already dead." "I know", I said. It struck me that you wouldn't stay anyway. Later I read your message, that you would stow it away safely for us and that you had to go somewhere else now and four more words, that you repeated twice and that I didn't really get. I looked into the mirror and saw someone resembling john f. kennedy imitating james dean trying to be my mother's father looking somewhat like me and I looked down my body and wondered what all of this was and how it came to be this way and why my hair was green or brown or white or blue or what green and brown and white and blue meant and why green was green and brown was brown and so on and then I stopped and sat down and wrote a message to somebody else that wasn't you but also important and told this person, that it is very much okay to be running into a tree...


and why wouldn't we?
and why shouldn't we?
nobody said it would be ok
to be running into a tree
at least if from the beginning on
it's a possibility

i still have my telephone turned every night in hopes you'd call
somebody has to try to articulate that it's OK to be running into a tree
somebody has to try to articulate that it's fine to be failing
--------------------------------- that sometimes there is more than making an effort